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Quality Assurance

Why Choose Vervo?

When it comes to nutritional supplements, Vervo only delivers the best quality with good value. We only use the finest and purest ingredients along with our trusted suppliers, state-of-the-art and modern facilities to lower cost while providing great value.

All our products are manufactured in the US and distributed directly from our US based laboratories and warehouses. Our facilities are FDA and GMP certified to ensure we offer premium quality.

Testing is done at our Summit Nutritional Laboratory which follows cGMP regulation and NSF, FDA, ISO guidelines and standards as they maintain the commitment to quality to ensure all data is scientifically sound and accurately documented. Moreover, enhanced testing is done with every single product such as raw material/identity testing, label claim testing, heavy metal/mineral testing and stability testing to ensure we deliver our promise of product purity, highest quality, safety and efficacy.

Together with our development team, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest scientific research and technology to formulate our range of products. We only work with the best and accredited suppliers that past our rigorous approval process which means our products comply with the US and global standards.

Our team works relentlessly to ensure that all steps from production process to delivery is always at the highest standard so we could exceed your expectations, ensure you get the products you deserve on time and create a wholesome experience just for you.

We pride on our products and your health & wellness is our topmost priority. And so, we want to welcome you to the Vervo family!



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