Lee has always had a keen interest in fitness for most of his life, which led him to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  It wasn’t until his spell of bad health that pushed him to start Vervo Inc.

“Before my time as a Personal Trainer, I worked in the family construction business. I’ve always been very active in my personal life and every job I've had, including time in the military. I’m definitely a hands-on kind of person. Unfortunately, my go-getter attitude had its demise on me as I got older. I had 3 years of chronic fatigue, aches and pains, bad mobility and flexibility, which altered my state of mind and social capacity”.

The hard times led him on a quest to try and create a space for others to learn where he went wrong and how he coached himself back to ‘DEEP HEALTH’.

“Life is all about balance, doing too much in one area can make your life weak in other areas.  Everyone wants to look good and be successful, but it shouldn’t be at a cost of chronic pain, fatigue and losing your social life, it’s all very important for deep health.”

Here at Vervo Inc. we are working towards being the best place for that full life balance. We hope you will join us on our journey to deep health, and hope you can feel the verve again.