Coming from South East Asia, Joyce has always been interested in the wonders of nature. From eating fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the backyard to living a different lifestyle in Canada, she realized that there is a need of bridging the gap between deficiencies that could come from poor diet, unhealthy choices and other causes that could lead into an unhealthy lifestyle, poor health and well-being.

Before Vervo, she chose a career in the dental field where she saw a lot of inflammation happening mostly in the mouth, with research and constant reading she was able to find out studies that related inflammation of the mouth to the body, and from there more research, reading and studying came along.

When she met Lee, the co-founder, they were able to formulate a healthy lifestyle together, resolve body and muscle issues at home and finding the right type of supplements to take which took a lot of research, continuing education, trial and error. They saw the need of educating people and helping them with their individual unique situations and that’s where Vervo Inc. came to life.

She chose to channel her passion into health and wellness where she knows there are people out there that could relate and are always looking for answers regarding their own health and wellness journey. Even though she did not graduate with any diploma or masters in the medical field, it did not stop her to push her interest in learning about health and wellness. As a mother of one, she always knows that nothing is more important on earth than making sure her family’s health is number one priority.

“It’s easy to hide bad health beneath a good shape and body, it’s easy to workout, get in shape but not have a healthy balance in life. It’s a challenge to accept reality sometimes and make certain changes to live a good life but you just need to accept it, act on it, start small goals and eliminate your excuses. Make healthy choices not just once but every day.”

Her goals along with Vervo’s principles are to add value, educate, encourage and make a difference in people's lives by helping them achieve a full life balance.